Our low-cost dental implant pricing in Ventura County

Below is our pricing for the replacement of a single tooth with a dental implant.* From the surgical placement of the implant to the fabrication of the final crown we can provide with with a low cost solution to your missing tooth. We invite you to call other offices and you will see the benefits of having Dr. Gagne treat you.

Dental implant

Since Dr. Gagne performs implant surgery we can provide you with a start-to-finish dental implant service. Most general dentist do NOT surgically place their own implants, they must refer the surgery to high priced periodontists or oral surgeons, so they cannot quote a complete fee. We think you will find our fees very reasonable when you call other offices which are not able to quote you a complete fee strat-to-finish.

Digital Planning

Digital planning allows Dr. Gagne to very accurately plan where the implant will go. It is very advanced care that makes the surgery very safe because the positions of any nerves are easily identified.


Implant Surgery

The planning software allows for the construction of a “surgical guide” that is used by Dr. Gagne during the surgery. The old days of guessing where to place the implant are gone with this technology. And it makes for a fast surgery with great accuracy.


We wait 6 months for the implant to fuse with the bone. Then the abutment and crown are started.

Abutment & Crown

The fabrication of the tooth over the implant is the final step. The abutment is screwed into the implant and the crown is cemented over it to complete your dental implant treatment. If you call other offices you will find just how reasonable our fee is.


Planning + Implant Surgery

Done with
Local Anesthetic


Done with
Oral Sedation


Done with
IV Sedation


Planning + Implant Surgery + Crown
from Start-to-Finish

Done with
Local Anesthetic


Done with
Oral Sedation


Done with
IV Sedation


Oral Sedation fee is $98
IV Sedation fee is $480

As you can see, we provide one of the lowest cost dental implant solutions in Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, or all of Ventura County, California. This why our low cost dental implant solutions can help get you the implants you need at a cost that is affordable with the quality you deserve.

*The Fine Print

Our implant fee DOES NOT include the extraction of teeth and any socket grafting that might have to be done to prepare the extraction site for the placement of an implant in six months.


grafting for dental implants


Dental implant basic placement

Implant Pricing

Digital dental implant placement

Digital Planning

Intravenous, Oral, nitrous oxide sedation options

Sedation Options

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