Since 1991 we have treated hundreds of patients with IV sedation (sleep dentistry) having anxiety, dental phobias, gag responses, or whom just want to be very comfortable during dental treatment. It’s the only office in Ventura County specifically built for sedation dentistry.

IV Sedation is $450

You’ll find that most offices change from $600 to $800 for IV sedation. Our fee is all inclusive and is not based on how long you are sedated.

Richard Gagne, DDS. Sedation Dentistry

Richard A. Gagne, DDS

Dr. Gagne actually has the special permit issued by the Dental Board to perform Intravenous Sedation in California! Less than 1% of general dentists have such a license. He performs the sedation himself. He does not need to bring a dental anesthesiologist into the office.

Many dental websites talk about sedation. But few dentists actually have the licensure to actually provide the sedation. They have to bring in another dentist that has the license to perform sedation.

Our office was designed from the ground up to provide dental sedation of all types. The treatment rooms are very large to accommodate all the monitors and equipment needed to perform especially IV Sedation. Nitrous oxide delivery system was built in to the wall.

Most dental offices were simply not designed to do any type of sedation. The treatment rooms are cramped and access to the rooms is hindered in an emergency.

Experience counts. Dr. Gagne has been licensed to perform Intravenous Sedation since 1991. He is the most experienced sedation dentist in Ventura, Santa Barbara counties. He has treated hundreds of patients with IV, oral, and nitrous oxide sedation.

Most dentists doing sedation simply do not have the experience that Dr Gagne has. When comparing offices, you need to ask what his/her training is!

IV Sedation for the scared dental patient and those with dental anxiety

Intravenous (IV) Sedation allows comprehensive control of pain & anxiety in dentistry.

IV Sedation uses sedative drugs that are delivered through the blood stream. Intravenous Sedation’s superior results make it the method of choice for the treatment of the highly fearful patient and those patients that want to be very comfortable during treatment. Because of the kinds of drugs used for sleep dentistry and the method of their delivery, Intravenous Sedation allows the dentist to control the drugs’ effects precisely. We utilize one of the most advanced drug delivery systems available today.

IV Sedation for the scared dental patient and those with dental anxiety

Dr. Gagne has a Conscious Sedation Permit issued by the Dental Board of California.

Special state licensing is required to perform IV Sedation techniques. Less than 1% of general dentists in California have such licensure. Dr. Gagne has been performing Intravenous Sedation since 1991. He is the most experienced sedation dentist in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Intravenous Sedation is an advanced sedative technique, that’s far different from the oral sedation methods other offices advertise. We utilize a more controlled method of sedation that keeps you comfortable during the entire procedure.

IV Sedation for the scared dental patient and those with dental anxiety

General Dentistry for all your needs – Comfortably!

Our office provides you with all your general dentistry needs just like other dental offices. But unlike other offices, we can make your dental experience the best that you have ever had. We treat patients that have a gag response or are claustrophobic.. These patients are usually not able to be treated at other offices. In fact, many patients that we see are referred from other offices. When you come to our office, you will be treated by Dr. Richard Gagne, a highly experienced sleep dentist that has been in Oxnard for over thirty eight years.

IV Sedation for the scared dental patient and those with dental anxiety

We use some of the most advanced monitors and techniques available today.

Dr. Stanley Malamed, Professor Emeritis of Anesthesia and Medicine says that any technique carries a degree of risk, however the drugs used and their slow delivery, accompanied by modern monitoring equipment, make IV Sedation extremely safe. We constantly train to be ready for any occurrence. Each assistant is certified in Basic Life Support.

IV Sedation for the scared dental patient and those with dental anxiety

Our office was built for IV sedation.

Our office was built to provide general dentistry with Intravenous Sedation, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and general anesthesia. The ultra- large treatment rooms allow for patient comfort and ease of access to modern dental equipment. You will know that have found a dental office that can now treatment you comfortably.

IV Sedation for the scared dental patient and those with dental anxiety

Our office can provide oral & nitrous oxide sedation also.

We provide a full range of sedation techniques. Oral sedation works very well for short procedures and less expensive than IV sedation. The office has a built-in nitrous oxide/oxygen system that allows us to provide this type of sedation at a reasonable cost to you. It’s great when you have your teeth cleaned and want to be very comfortable.



IV Sedation for the highly scared patient.

IV Sedation

Sedation Options for the anxiety patient

Sedation Options

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Dental Board of California regulates the use of Intravenous sedation to only those dentists that have meet the educational and testing criteria

The use of IV Sedation in dentistry is carefully regulated by the Dental Board of California. To perform these advanced sedative techniques, special university training and clinical experience are required. The educational standards that the Dental Board of California uses adhere to the American Dental Association’s Guidelines for Teaching Pain Control and Sedation to Dentists and Dental Students. The educational and special equipment requirements are so stringent that less than 1% of general dentists in California have the permit to perform the procedures

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