Office Comparison
Our Office Standard Office
Experience with fearful patients

Dr. Gagne treats highly scared patients on a daily basis.

Sees very few fearful patients each year. Treatment is difficult for both the patient and the dentist.

Sedation Options

1. Intravenous Sedation

2. Oral Sedation (pills)

3. Nitrous Oxide (gas)

Nitrous oxide (gas)
Staff Training Each staff member has had years of experience with highly fearful patients and knows how to make them feel welcome and comfortable during treatment. Have little experience in the treatment of patients with anxiety or a deep fear of dentists or dentistry.
Deep Cleanings

One appointment in which all quadrants are done at the same time by Dr. Gagne under intravenous sedation.

Done one quadrant at a time in a series of four appointments by a hygenist with no sedation.

Multiple crowns in different areas of the mouth

All crowns are done at the same time with IV sedation by Dr. Gagne.

Each crown is done in a series of one hour or longer appointments.

Office Design State-of-the-art office built in 2006. Most offices in area were built in the 1980"s
Oral surgery Dr. Gagne performs 95% of his own oral surgery procedures. Usually referred to an oral surgeon.
Extremely difficult treatment plans

Dr. Gagne sees difficult cases on a weekly basis and treats each case personally start-to-finish.

Sees one case every few years. Most cases are referred to periodontists or oral surgeons.

Nitrous Oxide Systems

Centrally piped-in (Lower cost to patient)

Self-contained rolling cart (High cost to patient)