Dental Sedation Options – Which Is Best For You?

Oxnard Dental Sedation Options From Dr. Gagne

Before your next dental visit, consider seeing a sedation dentist to reduce anxiety and pain during procedures. Talk to your dental insurance provider, as well as Dr. Gagne to find out what to expect. Dr. Gagne is the preferred choice of many patients for various reasons. Dr. Gagne offers patients drugs that are either inhaled, such as laughing gas, or injected through an IV. The result is that you are conscious but not as alert as you normally are, allowing you to feel calm while staying awake enough to answer questions posed. Consider the main reasons that this type of dentistry is often attractive to patients.

One of the most common reasons to go to Dr. Gagne is that you experience anxiety before any procedure. This type of fear is known for keeping patients away from dentists for several years, eventually leading to tooth decay and major problems that would not normally occur with regular checkups. Thus, this kind of dentistry can be great for your dental health. You will feel relaxed when in the chair, and able to let Dr. Gagne do what needs to be done to make your teeth and gums healthier than ever. This way, you should be able to attend your next appointment without becoming anxious enough to skip it.

Another reason to consider this method of dentistry is that you are often able to get more than one major procedure done this way. Even if you do not have a dental phobia, having a few kinds of operations done on the same day or even within the same week can be hard on your mouth. Few people actually like spending lots of time in the dentist’s chair, even if they do not have anxiety about dental visits. This option is best for patients who do not have the time to keep making separate appointments for each procedure, as it can be hard to take time off work several times within a few weeks. If you would prefer to get several operations done within one visit.

Some people simply have sensitive gums, making it hard to endure even the simplest procedures, such as cleanings. If this is your problem, you can ask Dr. Gagne to give you drugs that keep you awake but relaxed, keeping you from feeling every touch in your mouth, but stopping you from falling asleep in the chair. This option also works if you have a bad back or neck that may prevent you from staying still in the chair for a few hours. Click links below for more information.

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